Turtle-Safe Lighting

Low & Shielded Lighting Options

We take pride in providing environmentally conscious lighting solutions that respect and protect our precious wildlife, particularly for residences situated on or near the beach. As an eco-friendly option, we are pleased to offer Turtle-Safe outdoor lighting, proudly approved by the (FWC) Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. During your consultation, we can explore this specialized lighting option further and discuss how it can harmoniously coexist with the natural habitats of our beloved sea turtles.

There are three species of sea turtle listed as endangered or threatened by state and federal authorities that are found nesting on the beaches of Amelia Island. These include the Leatherback, the Loggerhead, and the Green Sea Turtle. These turtles come to our beaches to create nests to lay their eggs during turtle season, which runs from May 1 to October 31. During this time, it is very important to not interfere with the nesting process.